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Meet Leigh

Communications/Personal Branding/Public Speaker

In my early days in public relations, I struggled with public speaking, confidence, and an aversion to self-promotion. It's a wonder I ever became a PR person in the first place! I've come a long way since those days and found a passion for helping women who struggle with these issues. My talks are about achieving career success by thinking like a PR person.

I talk about getting out of your own head; self-promotion without selling out; and telling and selling your value. Many of us have felt stuck or unsure at some point in our careers. I help women get unstuck and succeed by being their PR champion.

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  • How to Avoid the Guillotine & Other PR Tips for Boosting Your Career.

  • I Use To Suck at Public Speaking Now I Don't. Let Me Help You Not Suck Too!

  • Imposter Syndrome: Don't Be Your Own Mean Girl.

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